Wireless Backup Camera System Specialist

The rear-view mirror cannot be entirely relied upon, when backing up a car. Blind spots exist, and they can only be easily eliminated with backup cameras. The installation of our wireless backup camera system in your car, will improve your driving safety, and help you to prevent any possible damages to lives and property. Blind spots exist in all types of vehicles, that is why our car wireless backup camera system will expand your view and show you everything behind your vehicle. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the U.S, show that 31% of backover fatalities are children under the age of 5. We all know how difficult it is to see such a small kid behind a vehicle, especially behind an SUV. With a backup camera system, this blind spot is eliminated, and you get a completely clear view of everything behind your car. Having a backup camera in your car helps you to save money, because it prevents you from backing over toys, trash-cans, bikes and other items that you may eventually have to replace. It also helps you to save lives, because it prevents you from backing over kids and pets. The NHTSA estimates 31,000 annual motor vehicle fatalities, out of which 210 are backup deaths. It also places the number of annual backup injuries at 15,000. Backup camera systems reduce these figures.The major benefit of being wireless, is that our backup camera system can be easily installed in any car. There are no long cables to run. You simply attach the camera in the vehicle’s rear, and mount the monitor inside. Our system is neither car make, nor model independent, it just works in all cars.Our car wireless backup camera system, offers you much value at a great price, and being wireless, makes it quite easy to install and use.
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