Wireless Backup Camera System Specialist

The rear view monitor is an integral part of any backup camera system. If you are planning to buy a backup camera system, then it helps to get a better understanding of monitors. This will enable you to make the best possible system choice. There are vast differences between the different rear view monitors in the market, but the most important of these differences, and the ones to look out for, are: 1. Mounting types(either stand-alone monitors, or rear view mirror monitors). 2. Sizes(there are rear view monitors that are as small as 3.5 inches, and those that are as large as 15 inches). 3. Resolution(The more pixels there are in a monitor of a given size, the clearer the image will be. This means that a 5-inch 720 x 480 pixel monitor shows a clearer image than a 5-inch 320 x 240 pixel monitor). 4. Connectors(most backup camera systems come with 4PIN aviation connectors and RCA connectors). 5. Mirror imaging( a good rear view scree will have a Normal-Mirror image switching button, to enable you to use the monitor for other things as well). Apart from the most important features listed above, there are other features that you can find in a rear view display.
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