RV Motorhome Backup Camera Buying Guide & Review

Reversing a big vehicle, e.g. RV, buses, motorhomes, etc., has always proved to be a Herculean task for both experienced and inexperienced drivers. And that becomes the primary cause of all the parking and backup accidents associated with the big cars.
heavy duty backup camera system
In an attempt to solve this mystery, the technology field has come up with a new development- the RV backup camera. As a big vehicle driver, this heavy duty camera helps you reverse or park your car appropriately. The device is installed at the rear part of your car and sends signals to a display monitor mounted on the dashboard. This gives you a crystal-clear view of what’s going on at the rear of your car when backing it up.
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Key Features of RV Backup Camera:

Wide Field of View

One of the top characteristics of a rear view backup camera is that it comes with a broad field of view. You’ll find various cameras offering you different fields of view that range from 90-170 degrees. The most popular field of view for the big vehicles is 120 degrees and above as it allows you to get a better view of the area behind your vehicle’s rear bumper.
motorhome backup camera system

Infrared Night Vision Support

This is one of the least understood features of the RV backup cameras by most users across the globe. Ironically, it’s among the essential features of the device that allows you to safely backup your car at night. What most people fail to understand is that though the system is has a high-quality camera, it might not be able to produce high-quality images at night. This is where the infrared night vision LEDs comes in.

The illumination turns on atomically whenever the background light of the area you’re baking up your car drops to a level too low for the image sensors to process and provide you with quality images. The infrared LED illumination works at very low frequencies and allows the RV camera to capture all the objects behind you in total darkness!

Ease of Installation

Most rear view backup cameras are completely easy to install. Normally, there are two broad categories of RV camera- wired and wireless cameras. Wired cameras require you to connect a cable between the display monitor and the backup camera. The cable acts as the transmission medium for the images captured by the camera. Wireless cameras, on the contrary, employ frequency hopping, digital and spread spectrum receivers and transmitters to relay signals.

Though both cameras meet all your needs, the wireless camera is real easy to install. It does not require any professional skills to install compared to the wired model. But in the end, the decision of which camera to install in your vehicle lies in your arms.

RV Backup Cameras are Weatherproof

Why is it necessary for your car backup camera to be weatherproof? Are you asking yourself this question right now? Well, first you need to bear in mind that the camera is mounted outside your vehicle. At such location, it will be subjected to various elements such as water, grime, snow, salt, ice, detergents, oil, dust, and, of course, the high-pressure washes. If these elements get entry into the camera’s housing, they’re likely to cause permanent damages.

Most backup camera manufacturers have put measures in place to make their products waterproof by improving their overall design as per the IP standards. A camera with an IPx7 rating means that it can be immersed in water of depth one meter for about 30 minutes. If the camera has a rating or IPx6, it means that the camera can tolerate powerful water jets from any direction.

Also, note that an RV backup camera is said to be freezeproof if and ONLY if it withstands temperatures that are below 15 degrees.

High-Resolution LCD Monitor

A high-resolution monitor is one of the components of the RV backup camera. Once the camera captures the rear view of your car, it presents the images to you via the monitor. As such, you expect the monitor to display the images at a high resolution. Luckily, a backup camera package meets all your expectations. It comes with an excellent LCD screen that as a great picture clarity.

Additionally, the monitors come in varying sizes. But as the experts recommend, big vehicles should be fitted with a large screen that provides you with sufficient details on how the rear of your car looks like so that you can backup safely. Always go for a monitor that ranges between 5-9 inches.

The LCD monitor also gives you an easy time mounting it on the on your car dashboard. Why? Because it’s thin and light compared to the CRT screen.

An added advantage of the high-resolution monitors is that you can use them for entertainment. Yes! You can enjoy your favorite music clips, movies, and even video games on a high-resolution screen as you drive.

Audio Capabilities

A built-in microphone is also part of the backup camera for big vehicles. It simply enables the driver to hear what’s behind their car. At times when the driver might need some backing up assistance, the audio feature becomes very helpful. It allows the driver to receive directions on how to backup the car successfully. The microphone hole is also properly sealed to deter water from finding its way into the camera body and possibly damage it.

High-end Image Sensor Technology

The last useful feature that comes with the backup cameras for your big vehicle is top-rated image sensor technology. Most cameras come with CCD technology. This is the best image technology on the market right now, courtesy of Sony. It enables the camera to capture very high-resolution photos at the rear of your vehicle and send them to you via the display unit to give you a bright idea on how to backup up your car faster and safely.


Have you already installed an RV backup camera on your big vehicle? If not, you need to install one ASAP. All the vehicles, including the big ones, are expected to have a rear view camera by the year 2018 as it’s a vital tool that enhances safe driving.